'The Profession' is a brand new work in progress, funded by Arts Council England and supported by THE DUKES

The piece is a hilarious, dynamic and truthful insight into the working life of the ‘Average Joe’! Through a witty collection of opinions on the ins and outs and nitty-gritty details of dozens of careers, we explore the world of the workers. ‘The Profession’ is told using verbatim text coupled with a fluid, dynamic and perpetual choreography.

We interviewed children exploring career aspirations and then adults with the reality of what it is to be a Professional Banana Killer or a sweetcorn de-husker! We even interviewed an aspiring Alien Hunter!

'The Profession' is an extremely fun night out so keep an eye out for this show in the future! We will be back!


"They made the ordinary, extraordinary"

"Amazing stuff! Really skilfully done! Great Potential"

"Their comedy and comedic timing was hilarious!"

"It was really poignant for me"

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