At The Knotted Project, we have an extensive level of experience in Creative Learning. We regularly work with a number of Arts Centres, Venues and Schools and prioritise the imagination and creativity of our participants.



At The Knotted Project, we are firm believers in a practical and hands on approach to learning and creating.  Across all our classes, we welcome the ideas of each individual and celebrate imagination. It is through this, that we aim to build confidence, learn from each other and maximise the potential in all participants.

We work hard to tailor all our sessions to best suit the needs of the group or individual at that given time. 


We have experience working with many different groups of all ages and abilities.

We can run workshops in mime, puppetry, mask work and storytelling, just to list a few! We often work with groups to develop and create their own, unique performances. We encourage participants to present their work in a visual and engaging style.

If you have a group that you feel could benefit from working with The Knotted Project please get in touch.

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Youth Theatre

We have a vast level of experience delivering sessions for Youth Theatres and aspiring young performers. Our focus is to build confidence, engage imaginations and to develop their physical and visual language. 

Educational Settings

At The Knotted Project, we regularly deliver sessions in Primary, Secondary and further education settings. Our workshops can be tailored to suit any ability and can be highly beneficial to learning. Workshops can be designed to compliment the curriculum, linking with ongoing projects and topics for your group.

Teacher Training

We offer Creative Professional Development (CPD) training sessions for teachers; These sessions are built around an imaginative, physical approach to learning and participants will gain an insight into The Knotted Project's teaching style. Our creative learning can be applied to a number of subjects. 

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