In a world where emails & social media follow us around on our phones, is the digital world we live in, changing the way we work? How do we measure success? Money in the bank? Time on our hands? Smiles?

Follow a group of friends, constantly hired and fired, stuck in the void between their bank balances and their diminishing social lives. As they battle against nightmare bosses, ill fitting suits and their social media history, will they ever find the illusive ‘Work-Life Balance’. Does it even exist?

Using the words of real people, dynamic choreography and projection, The Commuters asks us all the question, do we live to work, or work to live?


Review of The Commuters by THE BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE

"The Knotted Project employ slick ensemble choreography and wry humour to create an energetic, warm-hearted look at the world of work in the modern era... 

These vignettes are sketched with a light touch, good humour and, moreover, superb attention to physical detail. The company, working here with performers Michael Lattin-Rawstrone and Isabella Chiam, has developed a confident, flowing rhythm and physical language for the piece which at its best (for instance in the well-observed Christmas party episode) succeeds in making the familiar comically exaggerated...

The choreography draws on parkour as well as Frantic Assembly-like contact improvisation and ensemble work. Most of it is jaunty and energised; towards the end, though, there is a visceral depiction of the smothering demands of our always-on way of life."

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The Commuters was developed to enable us all to reflect upon the lives we each lead in the modern world. With mental health, anxiety and depression on the rise, how much is our culture enhancing the pressure placed upon us all to succeed? The Commuters is about self reflection and making small changes that make our lives happier. 

Following our ACE supported R&D of ‘The Profession’ in early 2017, we were inspired to create: ‘The Commuters’ and we are very proud to have been further supported by Arts Council England. 

'The Commuters' is a brand new physical theatre show, supported by Arts Council England,  The Grand Theatre Blackpool,  The Lowry and Institute for Social Futures and will be touring the North of England in Autumn 2018.


"They made the ordinary, extraordinary"

"Amazing stuff! Really skillfully done! "

"Their comedy and comedic timing was hilarious!"


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