We were extremely excited to receive a grant through the Artists International Development Fund from Arts Council England & British Council!

The Residency... 

We spent 2 weeks in Paris with the team at Mumbo Jumbo! They are a theatre company who specialise in language in international theatre. They even TEACH languages through theatre projects! Our time on the continent was riddled with workshops and performances, both with and for, French speakers!

The Piece...

'In This Room' ; A piece exploring the incredible realm of dreaming! Dreams transcend language, culture and borders. We in England, have the same dreams as those in places as far as Indonesia! Being naked in public, our teeth falling out, winning the lottery!

'In This Room' explores the magical and subconscious world of dreaming and is relatable and entertaining to everyone!

The Partnership...

We love the Mumbo Jumbo guys! We love them so much, we are heading back to Rouen in March 2018 to catch up and plan the future projects!!

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